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Reshaping the future

Welcome to Goodville

Where is Goodville? In the future! The founders of Goodville have set out to make the world a better place. With innovative solutions, Goodville will break new ground, establish new technologies and shape the future today. With intelligent solutions that make our lives easier, more effective and, above all, more sustainable.

Big words? Certainly! But Goodville is not a utopia, but a “tangible” technology start-up from Hamburg. Our undivided attention is focused on material and climate-friendly construction while at the same time conserving our precious resources. We develop intelligent solutions for the protection of private, commercial and public spaces through secure networking and the use of emission-free smart technologies.

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The OmniBus

We make sustainability goals concrete

In order to optimise the use of resources, a sustainable building must not only monitor and control itself, but also be capable of learning, planning and executing targeted actions. With the one-cable bus system, OmniBus, we bring intelligence and sustainability into buildings.

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Yes We Care!

Flying the flag for climate justice

We care about our climate. Actually, not about the climate itself. It’s about the basis of life for us humans. They are extremely threatened by climate change.
We know that many people feel this way. That’s why we want to help make these people visible.

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That’s goodville

Climate-friendly construction for a safe future

The construction sector currently accounts for 40% of global CO2 emissions. Goodville has set itself the goal of developing technologies that massively reduce this proportion. Resource conservation, building automation, heat neutrality, solar energy, short distances, maximum data security – these are all pieces of the puzzle that we want to put together to form a good whole.

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The OmniBus

Intelligence, autonomy, data protection and sustainability for every building

The OmniBus is a complete system revolutionising the basic electrical and digital equipment of buildings as well as AI-controlled building automation.

The OmniBus system enables energy savings of up to 30% and far more material savings with comprehensive comfort. It supports and protects residents and building users with services as well as future-proof, tap-proof and tamper-proof network structures.

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Goodville – an investment worth while

We are officially recognized as eligible for INVEST funding by the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA).
With INVEST, the subsidy for venture capital, private investors are additionally motivated by the state to invest in young, sustainable companies with venture capital. Business angels who believe in bold ideas and, as in the case of Goodville, want to invest in the future of our climate are supported with tax-free grants through this funding program.

So it’s twice as worth investing in Goodville and the OmniBus! We look forward to receiving your inquiries.

the omnibus – a brief introduction

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