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A virtual community with climate-friendly buildings and structures

We need to be more environmentally and climate friendly. For us at Goodville, it’s not a question. That’s why we are developing software and digital infrastructure components for “smart” heat-neutral buildings. They protect the climate and provide us with a high quality of living.

Digital infrastructure

Sustainable automation of residential and commercial buildings

A digital infrastructure for the sustainable automation of residential and commercial buildings, including temperature management.
Our OmniBus technology provides all building types with a comprehensive digital infrastructure that makes the use of artificial intelligence for sustainable, resource-saving building control technically and economically feasible.

Heat-neutral buildings

Temperature-regulated façade

The façade converts solar energy into electricity all year round. They also channel the summer heat into a heat store, which releases it again for heating in winter. At the same time, the cold is blocked out depending on the situation, but heat is still allowed into the house when the sun shines, until the desired temperature level is reached. To realise this, the Goodville solution combines hybrid collectors, reflection technologies, intelligent insulation, targeted shading and energy transport structures to form a functional unit.

Hybrid collectors

Temperature-regulated roof

The roof with hybrid collectors, automatic light reflection and smart skylights.
PV modules currently in use heat up due to solar radiation and the electrical efficiency drops by up to 20%. Modern hybrid collectors (PVT) have a water-led cooling circuit: The water heated in the collector supports the building’s hot water supply. Ideally, the energy from the roof is used as a source for the heat pump: the solar electricity for operation and the heat as the primary source.

Think tanks and real laboratories

From theory to practice

There are so many theoretical approaches and great initiatives. We want to help develop sustainable solutions for the direct realisation of visionary ideas. We help with concepts and patents to help great ideas achieve a breakthrough with practical developments.

The Goodville team

Computer scientist

Akash Heimlich

Developer Hard- & Software
CEO Cynergy Software

Dipl. Mechanical Engineering (TUM)

Heiko Huber

Management Consultant


Christoph Mühlhans

Product developer
CTO Röperhof


Friederike Mühlhans

Managing Director
CEO Röperhof

Business economist, former Managing Director of ASB Ambulanz GmbH Hamburg

M. Sobeir Omar

Finance, Calculation, Organisation
Financial Consultant


Charles Ruppert

Emission Protection, Health & Sustainability
Former pastor

UI/UX Designer

Oliver Timm

Graphic Designer
AD redmind GmbH

Computer scientist

Coriolan Weihrauch

Chief Developer Hardware & Software
CEO MiA Studio

Our partners for product development, model projects and networking