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intelligence, autonomy, data protection and sustainability for every building.

innovative technology

the omnibus system – a revolution in building automation

With the OmniBus system, we present a ground-breaking, innovative technology that enables the complete automation of buildings.
Our system delivers a revolutionary all-round solution for a digital infrastructure in any type of building.

Through the use of artificial intelligence (AI), an energy-efficient, resource-saving building control is optimised.


One technology. Four components. Two world firsts.

OmniBus technology consists of four components, two of which are world firsts.

The patented installation system consists of:

  • the OmniCable – a new type of hybrid cable (copper wires and fiber optics) for power, data and fiber optic internet
  • the OmniClip – a simple connection technology (fast, secure and flexible)
  • einem AI-controlled multifunctional central sensor for every room in the building
  • a central server unit incl. AI-supported software for the entire building automation system.

Finances & environment

Considerably lower costs and significantly lower energy consumption

The simple installation of the OmniBus results in material and labour savings of up to 75% during the construction process.

Thanks to the comprehensive networking with sensors and AI, the building controls itself as required and saves as much energy as possible (approx. 30%) as well as a considerable amount of CO2.


Climate-friendly building for a sustainable future

The OmniBus system enables users to easily fulfil the strict energy-saving requirements demanded by the EU in future.

OmniBus technology fulfils at least four of the UN Sustainable Development Goals:

  • Ziele 9 – Industry, innovation and infrastructure
  • Goal 11 – Sustainable cities and communities
  • Goal 12 – Sustainable consumption and production
  • Goal 13 – Measures to mitigate climate change

Future now

Start into the future now with a cost-efficient digital infrastructure

The Omnibus system anticipates the future and creates a cost-efficient digital infrastructure for comprehensive building automation.

  • Programmable light switches with touch display
  • Sockets with 230V AC and simultaneous 48V DC (alternating and direct current from every socket)
  • App control of the entire building, e.g. via the “My OmniHome” application

We can finally plan a network that will still be up to the task in 30 years time. That is truly sustainable!

– Hans-Jürgen W., Architect

Curious? If you want to find out more about the sustainable and climate-friendly future technology of the OmniBus, get in touch with us and download our detailed presentation.

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